The World Heralds Yesterday’s Heroes But Scoffs At Tomorrow’s


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer height of the mountain you are trying to scale?

If you do, then that’s a great indication that you are doing something worthwhile. Who wants to expend their life wandering around in the foothills?

First, do not be overwhelmed. The feat you are attempting is doable but not with just any strategy.

As you climb, keep an eye on the summit. Imagine yourself standing there with the whole world laid out majestically before you. Let this propel you up the long, boring slopes. Never lose sight of what can seem to be impossible.

On the other hand, don’t focus too much on the summit. Otherwise, its distance from you will be very discouraging. Focus mostly on the next part of your climb. Aim to make continual, steady progress. Remember the tortoise and the hare. And by the way, don’t compare yourself to others who began years before you.

Most importantly, maintain your focus. Become well acquainted with grit and determination. If you have a deep inner confidence that you can summit this gigantic boulder, don’t be dissuaded by anyone or anything. The world heralds yesterday’s heroes but scoffs at tomorrow’s. Your present resistance is the foundation of your future strength.

Finally, enjoy the journey. Your exhilaration upon reaching the summit will be immeasurably enhanced because of the journey. Deep satisfaction comes from conquering the hard things.

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