Piece by Piece

Imagine you have a junk piano needing permanent vacation in a dumpster. No one is available to help lug the bulky 300 pounds up and down steps followed by 100 yards to the dumpster, nor can you pay a professional $300. How would you do it?

Like any monumental task: piece by piece. Start with something simple and obvious, and continue in this manner. When something won’t budge, avoid the temptation to grab a hammer. Take a step back and find a tiny piece that won’t rebel. Then another and another. Suddenly the large, stubborn piece falls off.

You’ll likely face an obstacle undefeatable with the afore tactics. Some can remain, but for others you simply need help. Don’t waste weeks banging your head against a door for which your neighbor has a key.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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