I’m a Writer

Hello, my name is Brandon. I love to write (shhh, don’t tell my middle school English teacher!) . I’m not sure why, but I’m being pulled toward writing more and more. Perhaps I’ll write a book someday. There’s something about taking invisible things, like ideas and thoughts, and making them visible using clear, concise wording that is nearly irresistible! Perhaps it ties into my passion for healing people’s sicknesses and injuries in Jesus’ name. I love taking an invisible reality and manifesting it for others to see. The simpler and shorter the means, the greater the impact. Who has time to read a 50 page book to learn something that could be said in three sentences? And who has time to pray an hour each day for someone to be healed when Jesus simply walked up and said, “Be healed!”?

I’m ready to level up my writing skills. I’ll no more gain the skill of a master writer by merely reading than I’ll become a master musician by listening to music. You have to roll up your sleeves and do it! I’m going to write something every week. I’ve thought about trying to write X amount of words every day, but I feel it’s an ill fit for me. You’re invited to follow on my blog, but I won’t blame you if you don’t. Who wants to listen to Mozart when he’s just learning to play?

I’m a writer, but you are too! Don’t believe it? You’re a writer like a baby is a runner. Your writing chops may not be developed yet, but you have them! Don’t ever limit yourself by what you think you are or aren’t. Relentlessly seek out your hidden potential. You’ll be surprised!

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