The Gluten Project

Exciting news! My wife and I just launched The Gluten Project, the first website in the world for browsing all 35,000+ certified gluten free products!

My wife is super allergic to gluten and several doctors are convinced she has Celiac disease. 1 in 100 people have Celiac which means everyone likely knows one or two people with it.

Our biggest problem has been finding certified gluten free products because there was no single place to see all the options.

Well, that’s something I can fix, being a software engineer and all :)

So back in October we set up a simple landing page to collect email addresses. The great response indicated many other people had the same problem. Last month I finally had time to build an MVP which we just launched.

We’re super excited its future and would love you to help in spread the word to people you know!

Life Disrupted

I hate disruptions. I wish they’d disappear forever. I make a plan in order to follow it, but then disruption. Suddenly my plan has been thrown into chaos. Now what? Sometimes (usually) I get angry. But I don’t like angry. If only disruptions were disrupted, but no, life.

Is there no escape? Wait, isn’t there a term for a pleasant surprise or fortunate happenstance? Yes! Serendipity. Could disruptions be serendipity in disguise? Always fighting reality is a slow way to die. What if disruptions caused life?! They can. The difference? You.

God, the epic role model, has a million disruptions every day. People die and go to hell. That’s not His plan. Sin disrupted. But He’s not angrily fighting reality. He chose serendipity, and now there is Jesus. Disruption to life.

I was starting work early, but then disruption. My wife is sick and needs my help. This was not my plan. I can ignore it; I can fight it. But I can’t change it. Instead, I buy her a dozen roses. Disruption to life.

Choose wisely.