Why not? I’m broke. I’m old. I need more sleep. I’m in a wheelchair. I lost my job. My parents are divorced. College is expensive. Nobody cares. I’m in debt. My house is tiny. Too many constraints.

But are constraints a curse or blessing?

How often have you stood in the toothpaste isle, eyes roving from box to box, paralyzed by infinite possibilities? How often has your brain locked while trying to order food from an overflowing menu? How often have you despaired of picking a perfect color from thousands?

So are constraints a curse or blessing?

I believe the answer is your choice. If you are always straining against the end of your leash, you’ll only continue when given a longer one. Are you tired of straining yet? If instead you focus on the possibilities within your reach, you’ll accomplish far more with deeper rest and satisfaction. When your reach is expanded, so will your output while maintaining rest and satisfaction.

And oddly enough, creativity actually thrives within constraints. Anyone can convey an idea with many words, but to do so with only three requires raw creativity. A photographer employs a limited field of view to form a breath-taking composition. Elegant poems are penned within a strict rhyme and rhythm. A carpenter uses a tree’s grain and imperfections to craft beautifully unique furniture. Creativity thrives within constraints.

Think how you can capitalize on your unique constraints. Flex your creative muscles and do something amazing with your life. And don’t wish you had another’s constraints. It’s absurd for a photographer to be constrained by rhyme and rhythm. Your life can truly be fulfilling in every situation. It’s your choice.