Hello, I am Brandon Bayer, a pretty normal guy who grew up in The Gem City but now lives in The Twin Cities. In addition to being married to an outstanding woman of God since October 2013, the three areas below give a basic summary of what I’m all about.



The single greatest thing that defines me is who my Dad is; he is absolutely perfect and beyond compare! He truly loves me, never holds anything against me, completely believes in me, and is delighted that I’m his son. Most people refer to him as God. Now before your mind conjures up some image of a super holy saint or a Jesus fanatic, let me explain. It’s true that I am a very passionate Christian, but I’m actually a very likable one. I will never condemn you or treat you differently based on your belief, appearance, words, or actions. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or how you treat me, I will love you in the same incredible manner in which God has loved me. However, I’m not perfect and will probably let you down sooner or later, but I will always do my utmost to make things right. If you ever need a listening ear, want prayer, or are just curious to know more about this Jesus, reach out to me anytime!


Probably the next greatest thing that defines me is my inner geek. My family purchased their first computer when I was just a toddler, igniting within me a deep fascination for computers. I became well acquainted with them by doing things like shooting Mickey Mouse with a squirt gun (sending that poor CRT monitor to an early grave) and precariously flying airplanes between Chicago skyscrapers in Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. As a teenager, I built a computer from scratch and spent a lot of time tinkering with software and settings in order to squeeze out a little more performance for flying helicopters around New York City.

In college, I followed my father’s footsteps in obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. But since I took my first software class, “C for Engineers,” I have been smitten with the sheer joy of crafting software to do awesome things.

I first stepped into the real world in June 2010 when I joined Trimble as a software engineer and taught myself embedded programming. Four years later I moved to Minneapolis and joined the fantastic crew at MultiTech, where I’m enthusiastically helping develop industrial IoT devices.


The last major thing that defines me is that, for as long as I can remember, I have been enamored with anything that flies, from paper airplanes to Space Shuttles. At a mere 8 years old, I started fueling this passion and preparing for eventual flight training by engrossing myself in flight manuals from the local library. However, as I entered my teenage years, my attitude took a turn for the worse, and so as an incentive for good behavior, my parents allowed me to start taking flying lessons. I proudly made my first solo flight just days after I turned 16, and then passed my Private Pilot Check ride with flying colors when I turned 17. I have been flying ever since. Hopefully someday I will also get to fulfill another dream, flying helicopters!


Brandon Bayer